6 ChatGPT Coding Prompts to Level Up Your Skills

A short list of ChatGPT prompts and responses for coding

If you write code and haven’t been using ChatGPT then you’re really missing out. It can do so much that it’s like having a junior developer right there next to you. Drop your JIRA ticket right into ChatGPT and code comes out! And don’t forget — if you were going to Google it, ChatGPT it first!

An Implementation of Lazy(T) with Invalidation

I am a big fan of using Lazy<T> as my go-to implementation of the Singleton pattern. It works well and the thread safety is easily adjustable . While I won’t go into the details of how to use it, all the information is in the Lazy<T> documentation. For what I needed, however, Lazy<T> fell a bit short. I essentially needed a cache of something that was expensive to create, and could be invalidated when the source object changed. In my case, I had a list that I needed to run some aggregate queries against. Running those queries is expensive, so…